Published By: Ishani Karmakar

What Exactly Is Generative AI, The Technology Behind OpenAI's ChatGPT

Generative AI, like other types of AI, can figure out what to do by looking at similar examples from the past. Instead of just classifying and recognizing data like conventional AI, it uses that training to generate whole new material, whether it text, picture, or even computer code.

This year has seen the rise of the term "generative AI," which has caught the public's attention and prompted software companies to race to market with products that use the technology they hope will revolutionize the workplace.

What’s Generative AI?

Generative AI, like other types of AI, can figure out what to do by looking at similar examples from the past. Instead of merely classifying or recognizing data like other AI, it generates brand new content based on that training. This content may be anything from a word to a picture to computer code.

When Would You Use It?

Businesses that provide software services are already putting generative AI to use. While the technology is not flawless, it is useful for tasks like quickly generating a first draft of marketing content. Generative AI can record the minutes of a web conference. It can write and customize emails, as well as make presentations in PowerPoint format.

Why Is Using AI A Bad Idea?

Nothing, yet some worry about the misuse of such advanced technology.

Concerns have been raised by educational institutions concerning the effects of students submitting essays written by AI software on their ability to study. Cybersecurity experts are worried that generative AI may make it easier for everyone, including governments, to spread more disinformation than ever before.

However, technological failures are not uncommon. Companies have sought to test the technology before making it broadly available for a number of reasons, such as factual mistakes proclaimed correct confidently by AI.

Is it just Microsoft and Google?

These two firms are the largest to integrate generative AI into mainstream products like Gmail and Microsoft Word. They are basically at the forefront of research & investment in huge language models. Still, they are not on their own.

Companies of all sizes, from industry giants like Salesforce Inc to upstarts like Adept AI Labs, are developing artificial intelligence (AI) or bundling existing AI technologies to provide their customers more capabilities in the digital realm.

Where does Elon Musk fit in?

Along with Sam Altman, he was one of the founders of OpenAI. In 2018, however, the billionaire decided to step down from OpenAI's board to prevent any potential conflicts of interest with the artificial intelligence research being conducted by his company, Telsa Inc, a manufacturer of electric vehicles. Musk has voiced worry over the future of AI and advocated for a regulatory authority to ensure that advancements in the field are made with the public's best interests in mind