Published By: Bono Sen

What Happens after Consuming the Edible Oils?

The risks are not yet certain guys!

Thinking about tasty and spicy food without oil is quite difficult, even in this era of figure-consciousness. But are these cooking oils good enough for your health? Almost every doctor suggests avoiding oily food. But why? Doesn’t it even have a single good impact on health? Let’s see!

A Basic to Edible Oils: Extraction

Since the last century, the use of edible oils has been increasing compared to anything else. Most edible oils are extracted from plants and seeds. Along with being used in cooking, these oils are found also in processed foods such as margarine, cookies, salad, cookies, mayonnaise etc. Edible oils are of two types, one is the vegetable oils such as sunflower, soybean, coconut, olive etc.; while the other is the seed oils, such as mustard.

Where’s the Risk: If any

The risk of edible oils comes with the containment of omega-6 fat that damages the heart. Oils from soybean, cottonseed, sunflower, corn, sunflower, sesame and peanut are good examples of oils with high omega-6 fat. Although both the fatty acids omega-6 and omega-3 are necessary for the body functioning, it is important to maintain the ratio of these two fatty acids in the body, which is found usually as 1:1. But the shift of diet and the consumption of different new food objects have changed the ratio even so drastically that studies are there claiming the ratio has even been changed to 20:1 nowadays in the European and other western nations. Indeed a threat!

How does it Risk: Do you know yet?

There has been a hypothesis in the scientific communities that chronic inflammation is caused by the over-deposition of omega-6 compared to omega-3. Heart disease, arthritis, diabetes and even cancer may be caused because of chronic inflammation. The unbalanced presence of omega-6 compared to the presence of omega-3 indulges the possibilities of obesity and inflammatory bowel diseases too! Although, all of these speculations and understandings are yet not based on profound scientific arguments and logic.

Is This Enough: Will you need to stop

No, not really. Don’t conclude anything. Scientists too aren’t! They are just hypothesising and giving some directions in the vast studies of this field. Studies are also there that doesn’t affirm the idea of the rise of an inflammatory marker by the deposition of omega-6 at a higher rate. However, you may avoid the products containing high omega-6, if want to take a precaution. One may go for olive oil and coconut oil, which contain a very low amount of omega-6.