What Impact do Sun and Moon have on Earth besides Acting as Light Sources?

Let’s find out the impact of the Sun and Moon on earth!


Evaluating the impact of the Sun and Moon only as the sources of light would not only be an understatement but also scientifically wrong. The Sun and Moon benefit the Earth in such a way that it won’t be an overestimation if one claims that they are the causes of life on this blue planet. Let’s see how they impact us.  


The Tales of: Day and Night 

You might say that it is the Earth that revolves around the Sun and the day and the night take place. Then what impacts these two, the Sun and the Moon have on the occurrence of day and night in the Earth, other than the light that the Sun generates! But it’s not really. The spinning energy of the Earth, i.e. its rotation around its axis has continuously been being reduced by the gravitational pull from the Moon that results in the shift of the Moon into higher orbits. Thus the distance between the planet and the Moon is increasing, while the spins of both are decreasing.


The scientists claim that the Earth used to take only six hours to complete a single revolution 4.5 billion years ago and that increased to 21 and 22 hours 800 and 400 million years ago respectively. 


Sun’s Gravitational Pull: Extremely Important

The gigantic fireball has a tremendous gravitational pull that binds the Earth to revolve around it. This revolution, because of the Sun’s gravity makes it revolting and thus the seasonal changes take place and even life grows properly. It is the gravitational pull of the Sun and the centrifugal force generated by the Earth revolution that balances each other to keep the system consistent.  


Tides: Wait for none

Tides are the resultants of the rolling of the water levels of the oceans, back and forth, because of the gravitational pull caused by the Sun and Moon. The full and new moons, both take place once a month, when the Sun, the Moon and the Earth lie in almost a straight line. During these two days, the tides get more intensified. The high tides become higher than the usual high tides, while the low tides become lower than the usual low tides.


On usual days the tides are caused by the gravitational pull caused by the Moon, but during these two days of full and new Moon, the pull of Sun’s gravity is added to the same exerted by the Moon, resulting in the intensification of the tides.  

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