Published By: Sougata Dutta

What Is Different In OTT Based Films?

Read on to know more about the transition of film from theatre to OTT

As OTT came into the market, there came some significant changes. The first ever OTT that people came to know about worldwide is Netflix. Then there came MUBI and then all the Large houses like Star, Zee, and brands like Amazon, Voot launched their OTT platforms. In the last three years, there have been so many OTTs in almost all the regions that we can't even count. And now, people are randomly beginning an OTT platform as it becomes so easy.

The changes we have seen throughout this period, from the beginning of OTTs till the present situation where there is an entire market of OTTs, are noted below.

Difference in terms of frame

OTTs are mainly made for smartphone users. So, the frame size of an OTT content is fixed according to that. Nowadays, films are shooted not only in 16:9 ratio, but also in 2:35:1 ratio.

Difference in terms of sound

Sounds for most of the OTT contents are created in 3D format. As the audience is expected to use earphones, the contents are designed with dolby sound effects to make those more efficient.

Difference in terms of audience

One needs either a smartphone or a smart TV and a stable internet connection to watch OTT contents. OTTs are needed to be subscribed to watch the contents. So there are monthly or yearly schemes for subscriptions. And the amount is not so less. So, there is definitely a question of financial stability for the audience.

Difference in terms of financial outcome

In case of Hall release, there was a fixed tenure of financial outcome from a film. Though there were satellite selling, youtube monetization, these are not that sort of sustainable source for financial outcome for a long period. But, OTT brought an extraordinary change in this case. As the contents stay forever, or till a fixed contract period, on an OTT, it earns for a long period. A film or any content can give a financial outcome even after a decade or even more, as long as the platform exists.

Difference in terms of box office counts

The concept of OTT actually has blown off the traditional systematic counting of viewership and earning, i.e. the box office count. Now even if a movie is released in cinemas, within a few days it is sold on some OTT platform. As a result no movie can be judged by its box office count anymore.