What is fermented garlic, how you make it, and why you should use it

Unlike the raw garlic, this is less strict in smell and taste

Among the many condiments that make food lip-smacking, like ginger, coriander, or chillies, garlic remains the topmost. From its aroma to the taste it adds to the food, garlic is a great condiment that comes with many health benefits. Chop it fine and fry it or add to your vegetables, it makes any recipe delicious. Now imagine the number of health benefits it carries with it if you have the garlic fermented. So here is your list of health benefits of fermented garlic for you to start adding to your diet.

How to make fermented garlic

Fermented garlic is also known asblack garlic. It is the fermentation process of the garlic that gives it the colour black at the same time taming its intense flavour. After getting fermented, all that happens to the garlic is that it becomes jelly-like, which is easier to mix with the food. Here is your step-by-step guide on making fermented garlic.

Begin by peeling the garlic. Then wash it and keep it for a few minutes till the water completely drains out.

Take an air-tight jar or a container and put the cloves in it. To this garlic-filled jar, add water, salt, and all or any herb of your choice. Clip the lid tight and store the jar or the container in a cool place.

Now all you have to do is not touch and let it sit for three to six weeks at room temperature.

During this fermentation process, along with the taste of the garlic, the process brings out the minerals and nutrients, making it rich.

The various health benefits of fermented garlic

Unlike regular garlic, fermented garlic comes with enhanced bioactive components that are instrumental in keeping the body functioning healthily. Many studies have proven that black garlic, aka fermented garlic, has several health benefits to the body.

Fights cold

Garlic comes with a natural compound called allicin that has a significant health benefit for the body. This natural element of garlic comes alive after being fermented and is a great agent to fight the cold virus back out of the body.

Lowers blood pressure

By consuming around four cloves of garlic a day, it brings the body’s hypertension to a lower point. Moreover, it has a high effect on reducing blood pressure as the whole fermentation process leads to an increase in the bioavailability of nutrients, which makes it all the more effective as it is loaded with enzymes and vitamins.

Further, fermented garlic is also helpful in lowering cholesterol and detoxing the body.

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