What is Google’s ‘Add Me to Search’ feature?

Google India’s exclusive feature allows users’ to create a virtual visiting card on their mobile phones in English. Here’s all you need to know about this new feature.

Google has recently launched its new feature exclusive to Indian users called ‘People cards’, a Google search feature, that allows user to create their virtual visiting card highlighting their existing website or social profile. This ‘Add me to search’ feature offered by Google will give us an option to govern the search results of our name through virtual visiting cards. Currently, it is exclusive to India, where you can create your virtual visiting card on Google stating your credentials on the search engine that will help you to gain more visibility and traction on the internet.

How to add a People card on Google?

To create your People card, you need to sign in to your Google account from your mobile phone. Head over to Google search engine and search for your name or “Add me to search”. On the search results page, a tap prompt will appear saying “Add yourself to Google Search”, then you will be asked to provide your phone number for verification purposes. Enter the six-digit verification code to continue.

To start building your virtual visiting card, click on ‘Get Started’. Then, you will be asked to fill your necessary information such as a brief description of yourself, links of your websites or social profiles, and if you want you can also add your image, phone number and email address. After filling your information, click on the ‘Save’ button. Then, you can choose to view your search card by clicking on the ‘View Search Card’ tab. All the details that you filled in it will be available if someone searches for your name on Google.

Available only in mobile version, Google People Cards creates your public profiles for Google Search, highlighting all your basic details like your professional website, bio, education/work, and contact that you have shared. People Cards feature is aimed at helping the millions of individuals, entrepreneurs, performers, freelancers, or anyone else out there who are willing to make their presence online and want to get discovered by the world.

To ensure the authenticity of the information, Google has deployed several safeguard measures to prevent any misuse of this feature. Various protection and safety control protocols and mechanisms protect against any abusive or offensive content. Google uses manual and automated techniques that flag and remove cards with policy-violating content. The Company has also added a feedback button that can be used to identify and report low-quality information or those created by an impersonator.

Starting from August 2020, this feature will allow users to get discovered through their virtual visiting cards on mobile phones, in English. Each user can create only one Google ‘People card’ and opt-out of this service anytime, which will remove their details from the Google search.

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