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What is Reverse Hair Washing, how to do it, and its pros and corns

A bit change in the usual hair washing, and see the effects

Much like the term reverse psychology is, all about applying the rules and learning’s of psychology to s a better use. The reverse hair washing is no different in terms of applying the through process into use. This style of hair washing is not something that was invented by dermatologists or hair experts but an invention of the many home stylists. It is a way of bringing forth the said volume, definition, and shine to the otherwise going dull hair.

What is reverse hair washing?    

From the name of it, you do the reverse washing of the hair. So after you wet your hair, instead of reaching out for the bottle of shampoo immediately, move your hands towards the bottle of conditioner. Yes, you heard that right. The reverse hair washing demands washing the hair first with conditioner; after you wash it off then apply shampoo and wash it away. Of course, you reapply the conditioner again after the final shampoo wash.

How does it work for the hair?

This, of course, is the first question that pops up in my mind. How well will it work for the hair and the scalp? According to various experts, the reverse psychology of hair washing that involves applying and washing with the conditioner first is good for the hair. When the conditioner is left first on the hair, it infuses well with the hair making it smooth, rich in texture, and the hair light.

The conditioner is known to hydrate the hair strands and, when done first, makes it even more effective as it locks in the needed moisture for healthy and shiny hair. Doing the hair with the conditioner first, the hair cuticles are more likely to absorb the hydrating properties from the conditioner. It also works both ways; shampooing after the conditioner wash also helps in washing away the harsh chemicals of the conditioner.

What hair type is reverse hair washing best suited for

This technique is best for people with thin hair volume, as this helps in making the hair volume appear thicker. In fact, people with the hair quality of flat and oily strands can also benefit greatly from this. Various experts suggest that it can work very well for natural hair types, such as AA, as the deeply hydrating nature of the conditioner helps this hair type look amazing.

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