What is the Burpee exercise, how to do it, and what benefits

High intensity and full-body workout, it is suitable for burning calories

A squat thrust exercise used in strength training, burpee, is a full-body exercise done with an additional stand between repetitions. A challenging workout, burpee, when done, works on many of the major muscle groups on the body. Essentially it is a two-part exercise – a pushup that is followed by a leap in the air. A form of exercise that hangs somewhere between pushups or squats, burpees can be heavy on the body when done several of them continuously in a row.

However, according to experts, this is a versatile exercise that helps in building endurance. At the same time, this fantastic exercise is excellent for burning calories and boosting one’s cardio fitness. Furthermore, due to its intense working scenario and the movements involved, it is also considered an anaerobic exercise when done in succession over a more extended period.

Benefits of Burpee

Considering its intensity and the body muscles it gets working on; burpee comes with many benefits. Here are some:

Very helpful in burning calories

People light on feet and body can easily do about 20 burpees in a minute without stressing the body. So for people on the weighting scale around 60-70 kilograms can lose 250 calories by doing burpees for 20 minutes. Keeping this calculation in mind, the more the burpee one does or tries to attempt more, the more calories.

An easy one goes complete body workout.

Another important and unique factor about burpee is that it is a callisthenics form of exercise. This implies that one performing burpee has to use the entire body weight to create a resistance in the body to push back. Therefore, its focus on full-body workouts automatically builds muscle strength and endurance in both the lower and upper bodies.

At the same time, it is excellent in boosting cardio fitness comprising healthier heart and lungs, improves the blood flow, and improves cholesterol levels.

Burpee for beginners

A standard burpee involves bending down while pushing your legs behind to get into a plank and then jumping back up. But at first, it can come across as very challenging, so it is better to start slow and easy.

Begin with a squat thrust and instead of doing a pushup and jumping back up, kick back the legs and return to starting position.

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