What is the contribution of machine learning in today’s world?

We are well aware that artificial intelligence is the technology helping our world to step forward towards innovation. But many of us fail to recognise the contribution of machine learning to the advancement of the technological world.

As the name suggests, Machine Learning is an integral part of artificial intelligence in which machines get trained to learn from past experiences. Technically speaking, the concept behind machine learning is that it will learn from the fed data. It will identify the data patterns, analyse them and make decisions based on the algorithm.

There are many ways in which the machine learns- supervised learning, unsupervised learning and reinforcement learning. But how is machine learning contributing to our world?

Image recognition: It is one of the commonly used applications of Machine Learning. The ML model is fed with many images and trained to identify them after analysing the pattern.

For example, Face lock security on our mobile phones. It automatically detects your retina and other facial features and acts accordingly

Faster navigation: It uses its analytical and reasoning intelligence to project a model based on past traffic databases and other factors to suggest better routes for you to travel.

For Example, Google Maps shows you different routes, shows the estimated time taken to reach your destination, and shows the traffic condition on each of them. Apart from past databases, every person using the application is contributing to making it more accurate.

Related advertisement recommendation: Machine Learning made advertisement and customer reach better and easier. With the help of this technology, businesses can target their audience based on their on-site behaviour and search history.

For Example: Suppose you checked out dresses on Myntra, so next time you open any social media websites, you will find ads with dress recommendations from different brands. It is an estimation that around 40% of the company’s revenue comes from ad recommendations.

The Robotic Chef. It is a unique application of Machine Learning that can replicate any dish cooked by different human chefs.

For Example, Moley is the first robotic chef in the world. It is a pair of fully segmented robot hands that performs every function of human hands at the same speed, sensitivity and movement.

Language Translator: it is one of the practical applications of Machine Learning, especially for those travelling to new places. It helps translate any language into the desired one using statistical machine translation (SMT).

For Example, Google translator learns vocabulary by analysing the translating documents available on the web and supply the results based on pattern accuracy. However, it faces difficulties while translating long sentences at a time.

Machine Learning has many other contributions in making a better and advanced world.

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