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What is the “Tiny Home Movement” spreading worldwide and how it can impact India

More tiny homes can help bridge the housing gap and provide impetus to the ambitious goal of providing all people with affordable homes.

During the 2010s, the housing industry was experiencing exciting times. One of the most prominent micro trends that caught the attention of various countries was the Tiny House movement. This social and architectural trend was gaining popularity in the US.

Flashback: Tiny House Movement that revolutionized other parts of the world

The goal of the Tiny House Movement is to encourage people to return to smaller homes to cut down on costs and improve their communities.

Although the exact definition of tiny varies across different countries, mainly, it’s a distinction between small and large houses. In the US, tiny houses are typically around 400 square feet, while small ones are typically around 1,000 square feet. Although the movement gained popularity during the 2010s, the concept and practice had been around for a long time during the Great Recession.

The US is still the leading country when it comes to the tiny house movement, but other countries such as Canada, Australia, and the UK are also starting to embrace this concept.

Will India embrace the Tiny House Movement?

In terms of housing trends, India has a wide variety of cities. The average size of houses across different areas varies significantly. For instance, in Mumbai, the average size of houses is around 700 square feet, while in Bangalore, the average is around 1,260 square feet.

Although it’s not clear yet if India will embrace the tiny house movement, it depends on the future direction of the housing industry, the availability of housing space, the pace of urbanization, the shifting needs of people, and several factors of the kind.

However, in the country, there has been a marked increase in the number of small homes. According to reports, from 2014 to 2018, the average size of residential units in various cities in the country decreased by 17%.

The possible impact of the Tiny Home movement in India

The concept of tiny, affordable homes with minimalist decor could lead to a rise in the demand for units.

The tiny house movement could also benefit the country’s housing industry, as it will make it more competitive against other countries. In many countries, the movement has already been active.

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