What Is Your Cat Really Thinking? Hint: It’s Not What You Think

The connection we have to our pets is so intense that it feels like they can almost scan our moods and read our thoughts. Especially with cats, because they are so human-like! But have you ever wondered, what really goes on in their cute little furry heads?

With a curiosity not very different from a feline’s, cat parents often stare into their fur baby’s eyes and wonder – what is he thinking right now?

Cats have always perceived the human species as friends; however new research suggests that felines don’t necessarily consider us as any different from them. They probably think of us as big cats. While they do understand that their human parents are quite larger than they are, they do not behave any differently with us than they would with other cats. The only important difference is that cats say “meow” to humans, but not other cats. They like to rub up against us and groom us, just like they do with other kitties.

Cat moms and dads can try to decipher their kitty’s mood by understanding his body language:


When your cat’s tail is resting, be assured your cat is chilling. If he is flinging it about, the chances are your fur baby is angry or irritated by something. Your kitty is at peace, happy, or ready to play when his tail is vertical. If he has tucked his tail in between the hind legs, it means he is fearful or anxious.


If you are having a staring contest with your cat and it ends with a slow blink, it means “I love you”. Eyes that are half-closed, purring, kneading action, and snuggling – all are displays of love. If his eyes are dilated and focused, he is ready to pounce.


If your cat’s ears are pinned back, it means your kitty is not feeling it. This can happen when your cat gets stressed, overstimulated, or over-petted.


Purring doesn’t only mean happiness – it can also mean fear, stress, or pain. Check whether your cat has an injury or illness.

Contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t aloof creatures. They don’t like being alone. They are extremely sweet, social animals who seek companionship. A study done recently on cats concluded that cats would choose to play with a human being over playing with their toys.

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