What Makes AndazApnaApna so Entertaining Even After So Many Years of its Release

AndazApnaApna is a cult classic comedy movie starring Aamir Khan and Salman Khan who worked together for the first time and maybe the last time also. You must be surprised to know that it was a big flop when released but slowly people started discovering the movie through VCRs,Cds, Dvds, and Television and it became of the most loved comic movies of all time. 

Even after so many years of its release, AndazApnaApna is loved by people of all generations. What makes the movie so relevant and fun for many generations? Well, there are many reasons behind it and it was ahead of its time and is among the very few comedy movies which are clean family entertainers along with beingwith classic scenes and dialogues people use even now. The USP of the film is the chemistry between the two leads Aamir Khan and Salman Khan as Amar and Prem respectively. It’s one of the very few movies where Salman Khan actually acted. It must be the only movie after Sholay where the audience along with the lead actors, also loved and remembered the supporting actors so much. It’s because each and every character in the movie is entertaining be it the nephew of Mogambo, crime master Gogo played amazingly by Shakti Kapoor, or Paresh Rawal in the double role of Ram Gopal Bajaj and his scheming twin brother Shyaam Gopal Bajaj better known as Teja in the movie.

Another special thing about this movie is it has a repeat value to it, where you can watch it several times and still you will like it each time. It’s not dated like most of the hit movies of the 90s that are very hard to stand now because they didn’t date well. From the start till the end the movie has got amazingly funny dialogue. All credits go to director RajkumarSantoshi for thinking and writing such wacky dialogues. The movie boasts of memorable and funny dialogues like  Sunosunoduniyake logon, sabsebadahai Mister Gogo, Aayahun, kuchtohlekejaunga, Unkaeksawaal, humare do-do jawaab-Sawaalek, jawab do, Teja main hoon, mark idharhai, etc. that became very famous and are etched in the hearts of the audiences forever.

The movie is full of comic scenes and it is very hard to select a particular scene from the movie but there are scenes like the one where Amar and Prem comes in a moped to give ransom money to Tejaand get uncle back. Also the scene Prem grab a gun to scare all the villains and finds out that the gun is empty,and the climax, specially the one to one fight between Prem and Gogo are quite hilarious. Thanks to the entire team of AndazApnaApna for giving us a gem that will make us laugh all our lives.

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