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What makes the Perfect Room-mate

Room-mates are very important people in your life. From strangers, they become your friends and eventually family, especially when you are living away from home. They are your partner in crime and your sympathetic shoulder for when you are in a bad situation.  Here are some of the things that you will relate to if you have the ideal roommate!

You both have a ton off untogether

Roommates become your partner in crime. Now it is you both who make the rules. So whether you are the partying type, or looking to go out for a quiet, casual dinner, or spend the evening binge-watching a television show, roommates are always people you can count on to come with you.

Having someone else around helps keep morale up while working at night

There is another whole excitement involved when you can chill and chat at late hours. Sometimes, even when you have to study late, having the company of people who are also looking can be encouraging. Then comes the breaks you collectively take together where you can chat, and binge-eat junk food before going back to work. On nights when you are free, then you just end up enjoying and having the best time.

Someone to divide up the chores with

When you are living alone, sometimes housework can be burdensome. However, when you have a roommate, and someone shares the household chores and responsibilities with you, it makes life easier and more efficient which is nice.

Company and conversation

If you feel lonely, there is no cure like a roommate! They end up adding fun to your life as they are always available for conversation, gossip, and even just general conversations.  They end up giving you company and ultimately prevent you from feeling alone which is very nice to have. You will end up having the craziest of conversations.

Ordering Food Together

A part of having fun is also food. One of the things that you will find yourself doing a lot together is casually discussing menus of different restaurants and discussing your cravings for different food, eventually ordering it a lot. No matter how much you swear that you both will eat at home, your feeble promises will always be taken over by these temptations.

Gives Space

One of the best things about ideal roommates, is that no matter how much they love you and enjoy with you, they always give you space. This is very important, and ensures a continuing good friendship!

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