What more should you know about Monica Bellucci?

Despite all the latest innovations around, the world still falls for natural beauty over plastic beauty!

One such evergreen natural beauty that the world has given to us is Monica Anna Maria Bellucci, the Italian actress cum model. Fans out there, you might already know a few facts about the most beautiful woman, but here’s another list of facts you must know if you call yourself a fan.


The actor when she was 25, made her debut catwalk for Dolce and Gabbana, and just 20 years later she was recognized as the face of fashion icons. Despite being 58 she is still considered the most beautiful woman in the globe, and that’s mainly because when she was 40, she was awarded the title of ‘Most Beautiful Woman in the World’, by the viewers who saw her in a French-based television show, ‘La plus belle femme du monde’.


What strengthened her position as an actress was the Cesar award for the best supporting role, which she received in 1996, for her role in The Apartment. Next to that, in 2003, Monica Bellucci was seen in the sequel of the science-fiction movie The Matrix, which was called The Matrix Reloaded. In here, the pair of lead actors became so hot to handle, that they were nominated for the best kiss couple at MTV Movie Award. The on-screen lip-lock scene, which took the breath away of many fans, has also been a feather in Bellucci’s cap, in terms of her journey in Hollywood.

Multi Diverse Roles

Bellucci did not just gain fame in the world of American movies but also went up juggle roles in European films. She was seen in the movie Under Suspicion, that released in 2000, which was also the year when the actress received applause for her ravishing performance in the Italian film Malena, wherein she portrayed the role of a wife who was separated from her husband due to war.Not just that, Bellucci also made headlines for being the oldest Bond girl in the franchise, as she starred opposite Daniel Craig in Spectre (2015). What more can be expected from an actor, whose journey has starkly been of natural beauty and confidence she wears?

Fans in-line, recollect your memories of this beauty, and treat yourself today with any of her movies!

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