What Not To Do When Packing A Carry-On Bag

Here is what you shouldn’t do when packing your carry-on bag.

There is an art to packing a carry-on bag in the right way. This is because one has to take into consideration airline requirements and airport security before packing it with items for a trip. This bag should also include important things that are easy to access and items that make a flight comfortable. Here are some things to avoid doing when packing a carry-on bag.

Do not pack too many items

While it may be tempting to try and fit as many things to make a long journey comfortable, it could end up being more of a hassle and cause stress. Plus, most airlines have a weight limit for carry-on bags. So you should use that space wisely. Weigh your bag before you leave for the airport. Redistribute or discard items at home instead of the airport counter if the bag is over the weight limit.

Do not pack prohibited items

What you can and cannot bring on board a plane varies as each country has different rules. However, some items are generally prohibited by most countries. Make sure to educate yourself on the list of things you cannot put in your carry-on bag. Do a little research on the country’s security rules or seek guidance from the airline you will be travelling with to learn about the prohibited items.

Do not leave behind your in-flight essentials

There are a few must-have items, like your headphones, eye mask, reading material, travel material, and toiletries that will make your trip a little more comfortable. This is especially true if the flight is long. Make sure to pack the essential items first in your carry-on bag before you put anything else in there.

Do not carry liquids or gels over the amount allowed

If you plan on travelling with a shampoo bottle or sunscreen that is full-size, it is best to pack them in the bag you will be checking in. Avoid putting them in your carry-on. This is because most airports across the globe limit the amount of liquid and gel items you can carry in your hand luggage. They should generally be within a single quart-size and in zip-top plastic bags. Make sure to be thorough and do your research on what you can and cannot carry in your carry-on bag. This simple tip will help save you time and money.

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