What things should you do to avoid getting negatively impacted by a toxic workplace culture?

In his “Rising Above a Toxic Workplace: Taking Care of Yourself in an Unhealthy Environment”, Gary Chapman said, “When a workplace becomes toxic, its poison spreads beyond its walls and into the lives of its workers and their families.”

Everyone has worked in a toxic workplace at least once, and we all know how soul-sucking that can be. However, it’s not at all advisable to give in to the toxicity of the workplace in which you work and, thereby, let your job performance and even your well-being get affected.

So, here are the top things that you can do to avoid getting negatively impacted by the toxic workplace culture-

Don’t let the workplace get to you personally

You must understand that the drama in your toxic workplace is not directly related to you. It is just how the senior managers and the organization’s employees have been used to working. So, do not take things personally and let them negatively impact you professionally and personally. Instead, the best thing to do would be to treat work as the medium which pays off your bills and nothing more than that. This will allow you to have the required bifurcation between your personal and professional lives and work according to the same. 

Focus on completing your workload within the stipulated

Only some people will appreciate the hard work you put in and value you. This is one of the hallmarks of toxic workplace culture wherein hardworking employees are not valued and appreciated adequately. So, the best approach you can adopt is to focus on completing the work delegated to you within the stipulated time and, thereby, bolt out of the office premises. Remember, you also have a life outside of the office environment, and you need to prioritize it!

Self-reward System

Indulging in self-reward can work wonders for you! The problem with a toxic workplace culture is that only a handful of people on good terms with their managers get rewarded, whereas the vast majority of hardworking employees go entirely unnoticed. Hence, indulging in self-reward can help you keep up your motivation level and complete your work in a quality manner. 

Prioritize Mental Health

We often disregard the importance of having sound mental health. However, the truth is that you need to have sound mental health to keep up with the work pressure. So, it’s high time you prioritize your mental health since no one will do that for you and start indulging in self-care and self-pampering, improving your mental health.  

Look for better job opportunities

It’s always better to leave a toxic workplace when you get the first opportunity. So, start looking for new jobs or career opportunities. This might require you to come out of your comfort zone; however, it can work wonders for you in the longer run.

It’s time to start implementing these strategies and avoid the negative connotations of being part of a toxic workplace culture. 

Elisa Ghosh

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