Published By: Elisa Ghosh

What to do if you have aviophobia?

Soaring 35000 feet above the ground can evoke fear in the best of the people!

More importantly when the soaring is happening inside a tube-like medium, whose function, not many of us have knowledge about.The fear of flying can aggravate in such a condition, and this fear popularly known as aviophobia or aerophobia is not something that cannot be overcome. Listed below are some ways by which you can easily overcome the fear, or at least lessen it for time being, so as to have a stress-free flying journey.

Select an aisle seat

In case you have aviophobia, your seat choice matters. It is important to have more moving space around so that you can walk or make movement when feeling uncomfortable during the flight. Try this, and you’ll definitely be at ease for a while.For doing so, make sure to choose an airline that allows you to select your seat for yourself beforehand, and get yourself an extra room for walking or for any other movement for that matter.

Gain knowledge about the flight’s built-in features

If you have aviophobia, I would recommend you, do some research before you board your plane. It is better to know about air circulation to lessen your fear of flying. It is basically important to know that in the flight, fresh air gets pumped continuously, and after every 3 minutes it gets refreshed. Please be assured that there are no impurities in the flight in terms of the air you breathe inside the flight, as the recycled air gets filtered which removes 99% of the impurities. So, relax before you start feeling claustrophobic on a plane.

Get a distraction for yourself

No other option would be as good, as finding a distraction that works like magic. Try reading a book, or watching a movie, or if you feel sleepy, you may even get a nap as long as the flight is soaring above the ground. Using these techniques can divert your attention from the fact that you are flying and you might not face the fear.

Talk to your flight attendants

Always know that fact that the flight attendants will also be there if you feel nervous or scared. You can talk to them once you start feeling scared. Flight attendants are trained well to handle such fears of their passengers, and that can be a very good option to get distracted and also to alleviating your fear.

Remember, your fear might take some time to overcome, but if you keep trying with the above tactics, you’ll surely enjoy your journey, forgetting that you once had any fear. Have a safe flight!