What To Do When In Seville

Get lost in the enchanting ambience of Seville!

If there’s one place on earth that could lure your with its rich culture, history, heritage and its colourful lives, it’s Seville. Seville in Spain is one of the most visited and loved cities of the country and must not be stricken off your itinerary at any cost. This city has so much to offer from the joyful art to the rich architecture that its ambience will make you feel alive. Our first tip would be to visit this place in the winter if you could because that’s when you can experience the true and vibrant nature of the city. Here are a few things you should not miss out on doing during your trip to Seville.

The Alcazar Palace Is Unmatched

The Royal Alacazar is something that should be definitely on your list of places to visit. This grand palace is a remarkable sight. The walls of the palace tell the story of the city’s evoplution from the Arabic and Middle Ages through the Renaissance to the Baroque period. Constructed by King Peter of Castille on what used to be a fortress of the Arabs, the rooms at the upper floors are still used for personal purposes by the royal family. The Princes Bath is one of the most striking feature of the palace. You will find yourself wandering through a beautiful maze of towers, chambers, rooms and garden in this gorgeous palace.

Experiencing The Vibrancy Of A Flamenco Show

One of the most romantic things you can do in Seville is to go for the infamous flamenco performance. The dance form had originated in southern Spain’s Andulasia and is a part of the gypsy heritage. The roots of the flamenco art are based in Arabic, Spanish and Indian culture. The performance is done in three parts. First comes the song, then the guitar and third comes the dance. The remarkable moment of the performance is when the dancer breaks into clapping her hands and stepping her foot with the beats to create percussion.

The Taste Of Tapas For Your Tummy

When in Seville, you must have some tapas. The tapas culture forms an integral part of life in the Spanish culture. Almost every corner of the city has a tapas restaurant that would serve you the best traditional tapas and some restaurants have been there for generations. Indulge in some!

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