What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

Wisdom teeth removal surely gives you a dreadful series of thoughts choosing which food won’t hurt you much!

Removing wisdom teeth leaves all of us to wonder what we can eat. The swelling, pain and complications in your teeth might increase if you do not follow a proper diet. A right and nutritious diet will help you get rid of your swelling taking you towards the healing process. Below mentioned is a list of food you must eat after the removal of your wisdom teeth to minimise complications.

Blended soups

Soup is the best nutritious diet, that is both healthy and will help you with your swelling and pain. Dentists consider soup as an excellent alternative post any dental surgery, when the patient is unable to chew. It is not to be forgotten to mash the vegetables in the soup and make it a smooth paste. Small chunks of veggies might cause irritation in the surgical area.


Oats are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins;thus, they make a healthy food entirely. Best suited for consumption 3 days after wisdom teeth removal.Also, instant oatmeal can be another alternative, less chewy than normal oats, that can be consumed just after the surgery. Make sure you let the food cool down before eating it.

Mashed Vegetables

Any rooted vegetable, be it potatoes or pumpkins in a mashed form will be easy to swallow without leading to any irritation in the surgical area. The mashed vegetables contain vitamins, fibers and high calories that will give you energy in case you feel dizzy after the dental extraction.

Scrambled Eggs

After tooth removal, eggs in the scrambled texture are the best recommended food to keep you healthy and heal the wound super-fast. Scrambled eggs would be soft and easy to consume. It contains a type of fat, omega-3 to be specific, that helps healing wounds.

Greek Yogurt

The smooth creamy texture of Greek yogurt can be one of the best things to enjoy after the tooth extraction. The texture of the yogurt helps to numb the swollen area causing you less pain. Also, Greek yogurt is rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins, which helps in the recovery of wounded areas.


Smoothies can be an excellent alternative that is both tasty and full of nutrition, helping you to get the right energy when you are not in a position to eat solid food. Adding some fruits will be an add on to the nutritional and vitamin level in your body.

No more wondering about what to eat and what not to eat after getting your wisdom tooth extracted!

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