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What To Eat When Nauseous – Foods To Eat And Avoid

Have you ever felt nauseated and wished you knew what to eat? And how can you get rid of that
uncomfortable sensation? Nausea, in reality, is just one of several symptoms. This suggests that feeling sick
is an indicator of some deeper health issue.

Even adults get queasy sometimes. Causes include sensitivities to allergens, dietary intolerances, drugs,
gastrointestinal illnesses, operations, chemotherapy, and hormonal imbalances. When you're feeling sick,

eating might seem like an impossible chore. Nonetheless, the best way to lessen nausea is to drink plenty of
water and maintain a healthy electrolyte balance.
Certain meals might also alleviate nausea. If you're feeling queasy, this article will tell you what to eat and

what to avoid.

What Can I Eat If I Have Nausea?


Apples are a good source of fibre, which speeds up the elimination of waste from the body. They're also
good for your stomach. This will hasten the process of digestion and assist curb nausea. You may either
snack on an apple or spread some applesauce on bread.


Both gingerol and shogaol, two of ginger's primary compounds, have been found to alleviate nausea in
chemotherapy patients. Nausea that often occurs when one is expecting can also be eased with ginger. An
individual can either chew on a ginger root or prepare a tea/concoction by boiling it in water.
Caution: Ginger can cause a burning feeling if consumed in large quantities during the summer.

Coconut water

The anti-nausea properties of coconut water are well-documented. Lime juice can improve the flavour of
the electrolyte-rich coconut water.


When we're feeling under the weather, nothing beats warming up with a bowl of soup. As it turns out,
there's a good explanation. Congestion and headaches can trigger nausea, but drinking the hot broth can
help alleviate such symptoms. Broth might be helpful when you make the switch from liquid to solid foods
while recovering from an illness.


It might be tough to eat when you have nausea. Therefore, eating meals high in nutrients is crucial.
Bananas are a great source of energy when you need it the most. They are high in energy density and
promote gastric mucus formation. Nausea and other stomach queasy feelings are calmed by this.

Herbal Teas

Even though there isn't any proof that it works, many people who suffer from nausea have found that
drinking herbal teas helps.

Here’s a list of items to avoid below since they may bring on or worsen your nausea:

Which Foods Should You Stay Away From?

Fruits high in acidity

The stomach becomes more irritated after eating acidic fruits. As a result, it's preferable to choose fruits
that are low in acidity, like bananas.

Fatty Foods

Digestive issues such as ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease can cause a lot of pain. Bad digestion and
excessive gas are the results of eating these meals.

Milk (Dairy Products)

Milk and other dairy products may trigger or worsen nausea and vomiting.


Refined sugar-heavy foods are notoriously difficult to digest. In some people, they cause heartburn and
even nausea.


If you’re feeling queasy, soda probably isn't the best idea.

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