What To Wear In Thailand: Dos And Don’ts Of Thai Dress Code

What is appropriate to wear in a modest country like Thailand? And, what outfits suit Thailand’s hot, humid climate?

If you are visiting Thailand, chances are, the first thing you’re wondering is, what clothes to pack. Sure, you want to stay comfortable in Thailand’s hot climate, but it is also a country whose people dress quite modestly. Is it possible to stay cool and comfortable while following the rules? Absolutely! Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you the dos and don’ts of what to wear in Thailand.

Everyday outfits: Do carry hot weather clothing

For men, the best things to wear in Thailand are button-down collared shirts, polo shirts, and golf or Bermuda shorts. Even good quality t-shirts and cargo shorts will do. Packing a pair of semi-casual pants will come in handy for an evening out. Ladies, do pack shorts, skirts, summer dresses, and tasteful tops. These can be either flowing or fitted but should be of good quality. Shirts should cover your shoulders (to the edges) and have a semi-high collar line.

Everyday outfits: Don’t wear revealing garments

For men, don’t wear sleeveless muscle shirts or singlets or even walk around with your shirts unbuttoned. Ladies, don’t wear tank tops and avoid pulling into spaghetti strap shirts completely unless you are wearing a cardigan or have a shawl draped over your shoulders.

Footwear: Do wear comfortable, preferably water-resistant shoes

Comfortable shoes are a must in Thailand. Since it rains often in Thailand, anything made of rubber or a plastic composite is a great choice. Flip flops are acceptable but flat, slipper-like shoes are much more convenient. The latter will protect your feet from street grime and there are no laces to wrestle with when taking off your shoes before entering a temple or someone’s house.

Footwear: Don’t walk around barefoot and pass on the boots

It’s best not to use combat or hiking boots and socks for everyday shoes. Your feet will cook to death. Also, do not walk around barefoot. Some free-spirited individuals like to connect with Mother Earth and in some countries, it might be okay, but not in Thailand. Bringing city grime that’s been collecting on the soles of your feet into a Thai home or business is offensive.

At the Beach: Do wear bathing suits on the beach and cover-ups in town

Although Thais are often fully clothed at the beach, it’s alright for tourists to wear only swim shorts and for ladies to wear two-piece bathing suits. Just make sure this is at the beach and not while you are walking down Main Street.

At the Beach: Don’t walk around town in bathing suits

When you step off the sand and start to venture into town, grab a beach cover-up. Ladies, this means wearing a sarong or wrap that covers your chest and midriff and guys should grab a t-shirt to wear over their swim trunks.

With these tips, you can easily enjoy total comfort in Thailand’s culture and climate the right way!


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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