What women want: Decoding your girl’s body language

The girl of dreams finally notices you, so what does she thinks? Is she interested in you? Read on for more.

Decoding women’s body language and thoughts are difficult and often a tricky proposition. It is said that to even God up in heaven hasn’t been able to understand what women want. But most of the time, woman wants you to pick up subtle hints she is leaving for you, and men being men does not get most of them. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. Here are some of the foolproof ways to decode your dream girl’s body language and figure out whether or not she is interested in you or not.

Are you seeing her everywhere?

Is the girl of your dreams bumping to you every possible opportunity? In the corridors, near your office seat, in the market, and sometimes even in the subway. Sir, this clearly means that she is thinking way ahead of you and making all these opportunities bump into you. She is clearly interested in you and is hopefully waiting for you to notice her and maybe ask out for a date.

Her body language around you.

Be vigilant of her body language around you. If she is looking at her phone and completely zones out while you are speaking or suddenly remembers an important (or not so important) chore, then she is not interested in you. Zip, Zilch, Nada! But if she is pointing more in your direction, plays with her hair, earring, pen or ring, that my friend points to that she likes you and is definitely interested in you. She is sending out all the signals; it is now on you to be proactive and take your next step.

She is always free for you.

The biggest tell-tale sign about anyone’s interest in you is they are always available for you. Whether it is on the telephone or when you make some plans. If you meet someone for the first time and are smitten and want to know what she thinks about you? Simply ask for her number. If she is interested, she would not only give you her number but sometimes also the alternate number to reach if the first one is not working. And if she hesitates or makes a lame excuse, then my friend, there is no use trying.

Some other signals to look out for are her fumbling in front of you or laughing at even the silliest of your jokes, and if that is happening, then go ahead, ask her out!

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