What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Fashion Sense

Ready to find out what’s your fashion USP?

Have you ever looked at someone and envied their fashion sense to the core? Well, we have been there. Be it the passionate Leo or free-styled Pisces, there is a lot to learn about these zodiacs and how they present themselves in the world of fashion. Let us go to all the 12 houses and see what each sun sign has to offer.

Sophisticated and comfortable
You will never catch a glimpse of a Capri who is struggling to breathe in a tight dress just because she looks good in it. She will shine in almost everything she wears!

Passionate dresser who always looks good.
An Aquarius will never shy from bold prints and vibrant colours. The dressing is a part of the intense personality.

A free spirit with a whimsical wardrobe
As good-natured as they are, Pisces’ style sense may actually presently surprise you. They often have breezy stuff in their wardrobe. You can always spot a Pisces by the welcoming clothes they put on.

Master of classic dressing
No one could carry the vintage style with the spirit of transition and ease as well as an Aries. The chameleon of fashion is the one creating most of the trends.

Style with comfort
A Taurus is, what can be said, comfortable at best. They will dress to impress no one but themselves and have them looking perfectly drool-worthy!

The risk-taker in the fashion world
Gemini will walk in in something bold enough to have all the heads turn. They are always ready with answers to your questions when you ask them what are they wearing!

Poised and polished 24*7
Cancer is always the most overdressed in the room. They will always be suited in the most classy, sophisticated dress and put you to shame.

The fiery personality has a matching dress sense!
The notorious and headstrong personality pulls out all her creativity to flaunt the most beautiful dresses at every occasion.

Be dressed like a lady
The lover of classics will make you fall in love with dressing up ladylike. You might be a lover of casuals, but once you see a Virgo dress up, you are sure to fall in love with her style.

Take classics to an edge
Libras live on the edge and are never afraid to check out the dark side of the closet.

Feminine and cool.
They add the feminine touch to their goofball attitude. And trust me, it’s worth a sight!

Master of uniform and fashion.
A Scorpio will look the brightest even in a plain old uniform that everyone else is wearing.

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