Published By: Riya Banerjee

When in Belgium, here are the best things you can experience

When in Europe, Belgium is one destination you cannot miss out on.

The first thought that comes to anyone’s mind while thinking about Belgium is chocolate and the beautiful landscape. But there is actually much to experience in this country. Many often call Belgium as boring and stuck in the past but in fact the medieval vibe is what makes Belgium incredibly interesting to many tourists. In fact, the picturesque town of Bruges is one of the reasons why Belgium’s tourist influx is huge. So if you are also planning to visit Belgium any time soon, here are some things you cannot miss out on…

Experience the canal cruise in Bruges

If there is one thing you absolutely cannot miss out on, it has to be getting on a can cruise while in Bruges. There are numerous canals in Bruges and you can cruise through them on boats! It might even give you a feeling of being in Venice. It will surely be an experience you won’t be able to forget.

Explore art and history in Brussels

A beautiful city with a heavy tourist influx, Brussels has several things that you can see. Visit The Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium while there and also do not miss out on seeing the Grand Place. Around the city there are also some other historic landmarks which you should not miss out on!

See the Bluebells at the Hallerbos

An extremely rare sight to come across, only once a year for a period of two weeks or less the ground of Hallerbos can be seen covered in enchanting bluebells and it is definitely a sight to behold. If you are lucky enough to be there at the correct time, missing out on this one will be a huge disappointment! But if you are lucky enough to catch this sight, do not forget to capture it on your camera as well!

Eat till you drop!

If there is one thing tourists in Belgium should experience properly, it has to be the local food! From their French fries to the waffles and especially the chocolates, Belgium is a food heaven! Make sure to even pack up loads of chocolates if you have that sweet tooth!