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When West Meets East: Five International Music Videos Shot In India

While people talk about the cultural appropriation in Coldplay's musical track ‘Hymn For The Weekend’ - this video is another proof of how the West is obsessed with the East.

We know music has no barrier - staying true to this belief, there are musicians from around the world who compose music that hold universal appeal. India is picturesque, cost-effective, and vibrant, with a rich culture and history in music - making it the perfect location for filming music videos. Some musical recordings portray the lesser-explored facets of India and its rustic beauty. Check out some international music videos shot in India.

Let’s Go — Calvin Harris Feat. Ne-Yo

Let’s Go is a single featuring Ne-Yo and DJ Calvin Harris that gained immense popularity all over the world - primarily due to its vibrant video. The music video is filmed in India and various other countries. It depicts local citizens dancing to the groovy and fast soundtrack. At the 55th Grammy Award, 'Let’s Go' received a nomination in the category of ‘Best Dance Recording.'

Lean On — Major Lazer and D.J. Snake's

In March 2015, D.J. Snake and Major Lazer released their single track 'Lean On.' The music video is shot in Mumbai, and it features Indian backup dancers dressed in ethnic wear and dancing in a palace. The video also features a traditionally decorated bus, among many other indigenous references.

Bounce — Iggy Azalea

In May 2013, Aussie rapper and pop star Iggy Azalea released her single Bounce. The music video is shot in the streets of Mumbai, and the singer is seen sporting a dazzling red saree, and her dance moves have a choreographed fusion style with the sensational Bollywood jhatkas. Azalea is surrounded by backup dancers, and it appears they are dancing at an Indian wedding. She is also seen riding on an elephant, and she sports a variety of sarees in each shot.

Broader Than A Border — M.I.A.

M.I.A is an English artist who released her album "Broader Than A Border" sometime in 2015, which was partly shot in India and West Africa. Her single 'Sword' is filmed exclusively at an Indian temple. The video depicts some women practising the age-old art of sword-wielding, which is slowly disappearing from the country. The video also delightfully depicts the various local dance traditions.

The Cave — Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons is a London-based Rock band, and in 2010 they released their third single, 'The Cave' from 'Sigh No More' - their debut album. The video features the four members of the band who halt and speak a line in Hindi and hand their musical instruments to a marching band.

India is not just for tourists but also a famous destination for musicians.