Where To Buy Ceramic Ware And Handmade Pottery In Bangkok, Thailand

When it comes to decoration, Thailand is all about ceramics. Plain and simple.

Thailand has specialized in this craft of handmade pottery and is known for producing ceramic ware since the third millennium BCE. It would be fair to say that the Thais are ahead of many. One can find all sorts of ceramics in Thailand: vases, plates, teacups for all price ranges. If you love pottery and ceramic ware and want to add to your collection, there are no better places for handmade items than these wonderful places below.

Chatuchak Market

Just about the cheapest place in Bangkok for handmade pottery and ceramic ware is Chatuchak Weekend Market. With more than 15,000 stalls selling everything, there are at least 200 stalls selling pottery and ceramic ware made in Thailand. Section 17 is the main pottery and ceramics area at Chatuchak, but you will find hundreds of other stalls selling it all over the market. At Chatuchak market, you will get Benjarong, Celadon, blue and white pottery, stoneware, porcelain, and other handmade Thai ceramics at prices as cheap as $1 per piece.

Baan Celadon (Celadon House)

Thailand is famous all across the globe for its Celadon, which has been made here for over 700 years. Celadon was originally a green ceramic but, in modern times, color variations like blue, beige, and red glazes are also found. Though green is still the traditional color and the most popular. You can buy finest Celadon pottery from Baan Celadon or ‘Celadon House’ in Bangkok.

Ko Kret

Ko Kret is a small island in the Chao Praya River and is famous for its handmade pottery and ceramics and, on a visit to the island, you can visit the pottery studios there, watch the artists making pots and can even buy them from the small studios. With prices as cheap as $3 for enormous sandstone urns, Ko Kret is not only an unusual place to buy pottery, it’s also cheap.

Siam Paragon

Although pricey, Siam Paragon Mall has an absolutely beautiful Thai handicrafts store on the 4th Floor of the mall, Paragon Passage. A huge store selling Thai handicrafts, pottery, ceramics, and textiles, you’ll find some extremely high-end pieces of Thai pottery here. The prices are high but the designs are so unusual that you have to take a look.

Follow this guide to shop the finest handmade pottery and ceramic ware in Thailand.


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