Which Countries Are Great For Raising Children?

Eight factors were used to determine the 2021 Top Places on Raising Kids ranking: concern for human rights, family friendliness, gender equality in the workplace, happiness, financial equality, safety, and the quality of public education and health care.

As a reminder, moving to a new nation usually implies starting to pay taxes in a different jurisdiction. Governments throughout the world have widely varying tax regimes. Moving is a major financial decision, and high-net-worth individuals should get expert tax guidance before making any decisions. Here is a list of the best places to raise children:


Since 1849, Denmark has been ruled by a constitutional monarchy. Queen Margrethe II serves as the country’s ceremonial head of state, while Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen leads the government in an executive capacity. Members of Denmark’s highest legislative body, the Folketing, are directly elected by the Danes themselves. As governments go, the Danes have a reputation for being solid and open. The Denmark Business Visa is your best bet for moving your business to Denmark. Entrepreneurs with novel company proposals that will stimulate economic expansion and create new jobs in Denmark are encouraged to apply.


The Swedes are perhaps the world’s most generous people, allocating about 1% of their GDP each year to help organizations. Refugees currently make up almost 10% of Sweden’s population, and that figure is rising. If you’re self-employed and interested in relocating your children to Sweden, you can do so. You can establish a business, operate an existing one, or invest in existing businesses. You will need to provide evidence that you are selling and/or manufacturing products and/or providing services in Sweden. Obtaining permanent residency is an option after two years.


Norwegians enjoy a high standard of living because of the country’s abundant resources and progressive social safety net. Norway became one of the world’s leading petroleum exporters after oil and gas were discovered off its coast in the 1960s, which greatly benefited the economy of the nation. If you are self-employed and would want to move to Norway, your can ask for a residence permit. You need to show that you’re serious about making Norway your permanent base for conducting business. All of the tasks you’ll be responsible for at the company should be suitable for someone with your expertise.


Finland is a world leader in education, civil rights, press freedom, and quality of life, and it is now operating as a parliamentary democracy. Compulsory voting, or the ability to vote & run for office, was first codified in law, making it one of the earliest countries to provide women the right to vote.

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