Published By: Ishani Karmakar

Which GTA protagonists were the best in the history of the franchise? Here are the top 3!

If you are familiar with the gaming industry, GTA is a name you are bound to have heard in the past or probably even played!

The GTA games are perhaps the best example of what the gaming industry considers a success. All of this may be attributed to their ingenuity in creating open-world environments and the excellent screenplay writers that worked with material from the early phases of the game. In terms of the open-world setting, it has been a revolutionary series, and it's interesting to note that the franchise and GTA in general have endearing characters and plots. The protagonists whom one controls throughout the game, are nonetheless the greatest part of the entire scheme of things. If you were born in the early 1990s or even the 2000s, you are probably familiar with the franchise. The excellent plot and characterization in the story are the only things that can compare to the game's legendary reputation.

Carl Johnson

Carl Johnson or CJ for short, is hands down the best protagonist of any GTA game. There will be no gamer who disagrees with this as the first pick. CJ is perhaps one of the best video game protagonists of all time, not just in this franchise. The lanky frame and iconic voice of the lead character, San Andreas, are perhaps in every gamer's memory. CJ has some truly epic moments in the narrative, such as his romance with Catalina or even his relationship with the central characters of the game, such as Big Smoke, Rider, or his brother Sweet.

Tommy Vercetti

Voiced by legendary Hollywood actor Ray Liotta, Tommy Vercetti is perhaps most gamers' first experience with the franchise. Vice City is a fictional city laid out like Miami. Tommy is betrayed in the beginning of the story, and he must start working from the ground up to collect the money he has to return. The story of the game takes the player through various twists and turns in true 'GTA' fashion. All through it, you explore nightclubs, cars, and all of the above with Tommy Vercetti.

Trevor Phillips

For being the only GTA character that is a truly insane psychopath, Trevor Philips earns the third place. Nevertheless, his childlike propensity for grotesque violence has turned him into a fan favourite. In GTA 5, Trevor is one of the three characters you switch between other than Michael and Franklin. The story of the game begins with him, and depending on which ending you choose, you can either have him survive or become the final villain. The character was played by Steven Ogg, who looks exactly like his virtual counterpart due to the incorporation of motion graphics.