Which kind of first aid box you should keep in your house

Keep yourself healthy and safe with some parameters only.

A first aid kit is used to handle immediate mild to moderate medical situations or minor injuries. Sometimes it is helpful to tackle critical scenarios in the primary stage. A first Aid kit is prepared with handy equipment, bandages, some basic medicines and some medical devices. However, the arrangements may vary regarding the area of concern.

Basic Idea : The First Aid Box

Medical emergencies are always uninvited and unavoidable. We need to prepare ourselves for these kinds of scenarios beforehand. In these scenarios you will be looking for a box with a green and white coloured plus sign. However, a red plus sign in white background is also used as first aid. There can be commercially sold First Aid kits or homemade ones. You can certainly buy a First Aid kit and modify it according to your need.

Medications: The Important Ones to Keep

There are wide varieties of medical emergencies including rashes, fever, allergies, scratches, deep cuts, muscle pains, cramps, nausea, bowel issues, insect bites, animal attacks or even a fatal accident. Some basic medications are needed to be kept in a first aid box like: Paracetamol, Ibuprofen as painkillers, Loperamide, ORS for diarrheas, dehydration issues, Iodine solutions for cuts. There are lots of other medicines like Burn gels, Anti-Fungal creams, Aspirin etc.

Equipment: Keep Them in The Box

There are literally huge no. of devices used in the medical field. In a first aid kit some basic devices can be kept like Thermometers, Stethoscope, pulse Oximeter, Tweezers, Saline system, Face Shields and pocket masks. A first aid box must include several kinds of bandages such as Crepe Bandage, Triangular Bandages, Gauges, Cotton Balls, Steri Strips, Sterile Gloves, Alcohol free wipes, Scissors, Band-Aids, Tourniquets, Spatula, Scapula etc.

Modifications: According to Need

Apart from basic equipment and medicines, a First Aid box needs modifications depending on the aerial need. Injuries and accidents depend massively on the surroundings. You have to modify your First Aid box according to the area you are living and according to frequent medical needs in your surroundings.

Caution: Keep Them in Mind

You should keep a manual on how to use things in the First Aid box and learn the uses of all the devices. The manual will help anyone novice to act in adverse situations. There are some scenarios where techniques are needed rather than medications. You must learn techniques like C.P.R. which can be crucial and lifesaving. Last but not the least, don’t forget to refill medicines keeping their expiry dates in mind.

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