Wholesale electronics market in Delhi for amazing deals

Delhi is hub to all kinds of market. The capital is known to have several big and small markets where you can find almost all kinds of stuff. Old Delhi is famous for having dedicated marketplaces for different items whereas New Delhi has some modern markets for all your need. Markets are one of the major tourist attractions in Delhi and among them, electronics market is a big destination.

Delhi, the city of so many dreams and aspirations, is known to have different markets. You can get anything you want within few miles. If you are someone who wants to explore marketplaces, Delhi is for you. It has some great markets where you can buy electrical appliances and other electronicd items at a very cheap rate as compared to your nearby retailers.

Lajpat Rai Market

Lajpat Rai Market is located near Chandni Chowk, Delhi and is famous for having all types of electronics items. This market is favourite of every engineering student and engineers who try their hands at different electric items. From integrated circuit of a TV to the mercury of an Led bulb, you will find everything in the market. The market is also popular for having different watches, mixer grinders and other electronic items which are available there at a very cheap rate. Also, if you want a duplicate copy of a popular brand at a cheap rate, you can head straight to Lajpat Rai Market. However, you should be careful otherwise you can confuse it with Lajpat Nagar Market. Apart from electronic items, you can repair your appliances Lajpat Rai Market.

Bhagirath Palace

Well, don’t judge the market by it’s name. Bhagirath Palace is not a palace but it is surely s heaven for those who want to shop for electric items for their homes. This market is a well-known wholesale market but there are many retailers who can give you electronic items, especially lights and fans at a very cheap rate. Bhagirath Palace too, is located near Old Delhi and it is a dense market where you will find traditional narrow streets of Old Delhi. However, if you are someone who love to go through these small lanes, you can visit this market.

South Extension

If you don’t want to tackle the crowd in the above mentioned markets, you can go to South Ex for your electrical appliances need. The place has several big and small showrooms where you can find the popular products. It is a one stop destination for many people but prices there are on the higher side and there is no scope of bargaining in most of the shops.

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