Wholesale markets worth knowing about

Have you ever wondered about the places that supply the goods and stuffs that we are using in our daily life? Do you really know the difference in price when it comes wholesale and retail?

Wholesale market is nothing but a place for sellers to buy things in bulk. The wholesalers are the one who purchase goods in large quantities directly from the producers, then sell it to the retail merchants and from there it goes to the consumers. Wholesale merchants are basically connecting chains between the producer and the retailers. Due to the advent of e-commerce, there have been some big changes in the wholesale and retail markets. There are some wholesale marketers which control the system of selling and buying the goods and services in a massive level. However, there are only few of these wholesale marketers who are the top in the business. So, here we have a list for you about these wholesale markets that you should experience at least once…

Yiwu International Trade City –In 2005 World Bank called this market as “the world’s largest small commodities market”. The Yiwu international trade city is the largest wholesale market in the world and it stretches for a whole of 7 kilometers. The market complex is located inYiwu, Zhejiang, China and was opened in November 1982. Yiwu market is also known as the China’s number one producer of fashion jewelery.

Alibaba – Alibaba is biggest market in the world and also it is the largest online wholesale market. Alibaba or alibaba.com is a Chinese company in Hangzhou in 4th April 1999; Later on it became a huge name in the ecommerce market. Alibaba came up with a unique business strategy, which helped the platform to provide various opportunities to many small enterprises and individuals. They basically allowed these smaller businesses to strengthen their production. Alibaba may not be a physical market but is surely worth a visit online!

India Mart – This is in fact India’s largest B2B online marketplace which reaches out to all categories of enterprises and individuals. This platform made sure that the connectivity and the communication between the buyers and sellers happens in a plain and simple way. The company was founded in 1999 and the motive behind it is ‘to make doing business easy`.India Mart has more than 71 million products and services, 119 million buyers and 6.4 million suppliers as of 2020.

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