Why Anushka Sharma as a producer is a blessing to Indian cinema

AnushkaSharma  is an actress who is known for her roles in commercial cinema but to film buffs, she is a brave producer who is breaking the boundaries with her each film. She started her career as a producer in 2015 with her production house, Clean Slate Filmz, which is run by her and her brother, Karnesh Sharma.

Anushka Sharma is known to make brave choices as a producer. At a time when production houses are only looking to make commercial cinema and focusing on making money, Anushka Sharma is a blessing to Indian cinema and aspiring filmmakers who want to make good cinema.

Pari– Pari is a horror movie that focuses on the life of a girl who is the daughter of djinn known as Ifrit. Horror films generally don’t make much money and it needs a big heart produce films like Pari. It is not a typical horror film with a generic storyline. Pari has a lot to offer in terms of scare, chill, high quality visuals and acting. Anushka Sharma not only backed the project but made sure that it gets the right amount of love by casting herself. The movie did not received commercial success but it is one of the greatest horror films ever made in Bollywood. This movie has opened the door for experimentation in horror genre and has given the strength to many new age filmmakers.

NH10 –NH10 was Anushka Sharma’s first movie as a producer. The film is directed by Navdeep Singh who has earlier directed few suspense thrillers in Bollywood. NH10 is a road movie but it is not like any other road movie. This movie talks about the road rage, crimes in the NCR, honor killings and many more things. NH10 is a well made thriller and it received good reviews from the critics. The film done well at the box office too and managed to become a sleeper hit. It was Anushka Sharma’s grit and brave choice that made the film successful at the box office.

Bulbull– One thing that people like about Clean Slate films, the production company started by AnushkaSharma is that they focus on content and try to deliver something fresh to the screen. Bulbull is yet another example of Anushka Sharma’s presence of mind and understanding of cinema. The film stars Rahul Bose and TriptiDamri in lead roles and is about a girl who is forced to marry a man older than her. The movie is directed by debutant AnvitaDuttGuptan and is streaming on Netflix.

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