Why are giant corporations moving towards an open office space?

Is it another gimmick or are there some hidden benefits? Let’s find out!

You must have heard about Google’s open office spaces and wondered if you could join an office which promotes the same culture. There have been many debates around this subject and it is essential to note that while large corporations are embracing the idea, the same cannot be said for smaller corporations. Cubicles have been the way these office spaces have worked since the advent of large capital but this new setup has given rise to a more informal yet accountable work culture. Let’s find out the how and why!

The philosophy behind it all!

Companies over the years have invested in research on ideal workplace culture. This has led to multiple theories and findings, but the fundamental idea behind these findings still remain the same. The philosophy that works behind this finding of open office space is friendly communication. Now, while some offices condemn communication and tries to cut-off slack multinationals have picked up on the new and comfortable workplace culture trend which they feel would work well in their favour.

What kind of workplace culture are they promoting?

It is more of a communicate-as-you-need, when you need, without any form of sub-ordinate and higher authority disparity in terms of workspace. This work culture helps people in sub-ordinate designations feel more comfortable approaching their higher-ups. This is beneficial as people feel more comfortable to approach, get their queries resolved and remain more accountable.

Reducing barriers

The main reason of reducing the cubicle barrier is that when you have friendly faces around, you feel more enthused and want to spend time in a place. Think about this, a place where all your friends are working on some project, where you can go out have a bite and come back and rejoin them. This is a friendly atmosphere which would keep you grounded to your work because you feel comfortable in it. This same idea works behind reducing the barriers of personal cubicles and embracing an open office space.

A sense of equality

It is essential to remember that a sense of equality is necessary to promote a healthy workplace culture. Large corporate believe that they could bring more equality between higher-ups and sub-ordinates, people from different ethnic backgrounds et cetera by going for a casual yet accountable office space.

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