Why are more millennials adapting to minimalism?

Millennials have picked up on the benefits of minimalism, but why? Let’s have a look.

Millennials have been the talk of the town for their lifestyle choices. There have been debates whether they are better at dealing with life’s day to day struggles or are they absolute failures. While the debate continues, millennials have definitely impacted many with their lifestyle choices. One such choice is minimalism. Minimalism basically defines living with less number of things and finding joy in everything you own and getting rid of things that you barely get to use.

The philosophy

The main philosophy behind the idea of minimalism runs parallel with the philosophy most millennials live by, reducing responsibility. Now this could be looked at in many different perspectives. But before society calls them irresponsible let’s look at how they are approaching this notion of “less responsibility”. Material things like books, TV, cars, everything comes with a purpose and in order to stay accountable to these purposes, we have to take responsibility and care towards these things. It has been noticed that most millennials prefer to have less responsibility and from that philosophical point of view they tend to acquire less products and services than their previous generation.

Multi-purpose attitude

This is the counterfactual most minimalists put forward and our millennials are growingly adapting to this philosophy. They like multi-purpose items, for example foldable beds, laptops that can be used as tabs and so on. This means they want to get the most use out of an item without having one item serving a single purpose. This means that they are not trying to escape from responsibility and are instead in a way more responsible towards how they use their time and money.

Monetary issues

Most millennials tend to run after their passion and while this is a very positive thing in itself but it comes with a financial burden. Millennials believe in start-ups, doing their own thing and having a career that doesn’t take up their entire life from them. But such opportunities are less and have a lower pay scale than others. Of course there are exceptions, but the general trend has been set. Hence having more material things are not an option all millennials can avail.

Financial stability

Millennials have a better understanding of their finances in comparison to other generations who have learnt about financial security later in life. This doesn’t mean that millennials are essentially frugal but they are more inclined to go for investments, have insurance and look forward to a financially stable future from a very young age.

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