Why artists prefer hand made paper

The craft of handmade paper dates back to ancient history, but the love for art has kept this craft alive!

Artists are passionate not only about their final product that they envision but also about the stationary they use to bring this to life. Hence it is essential to them that they make each piece unique from another and handmade paper has a great role to play here. Let’s find out what makes handmade paper so special!

Texture is amazing

Artists love classy and upmarket papers that can bring out their expression of art the best. These handmade paper skip the chemical processes in mass produced paper. This type of paper is made from banana fibre, cotton fibre and more such raw natural fibres that impact the texture of the paper with unique blends. This type of paper, hence provides a very archaic illusion to the entire craft an artist practices on it. This is also one of the main reasons why painting or other types of art done on handmade paper costs more than ones done on mass produced paper.

Diverse craft opportunities

Unlike mass produced paper handmade paper is unique and it also aids with a different aspect of craft. It can be used for several types of accessory making, like hand bags, hair accessories, jewellery, book covers, page markers, office supplies, and several other forms of stationery goodies. The beauty of this type of paper definitely lies within its texture which makes it a great option to serve as base structure for a variety of art styles.

It is 100% eco-friendly

Nothing can be 100% eco-friendly in this era right? Wrong! Handmade papers are 100% eco-friendly because they are made from leftover plant fibres and even cotton rags. You wouldn’t need to cut down a single tree if the entire world used handmade paper. It uses solar energy for the drying process, skips the added chemicals part of factories and comes straight for your craft with an unique texture.

Strength like Thor

Okay that’s an exaggeration, but in reality it has the tensile strength greater than the mass produced paper we generally use in day to day life. This is mainly because of two very specific reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t use the chemical steps for processing which erodes the natural strength of raw materials. Hence it retains its natural strength. Secondly, the natural materials used have a high bonding property and no additives are present here to affect that tensile strength.

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