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Why Being Indoors All Winter Can Make You Sick And What To Do About It

There is a well-known increase in illness rates throughout the winter months. You’re more likely to catch a cold or flu when the temperature decreases because your body has a harder time fighting off infections.

However, being unprepared for the cold weather isn’t the only way that winter may make you sick. As the weather outside gets worse, being indoors might make your aches and pains worse. Learn how being indoors all winter can compromise your immune system and what you can do to hold off on becoming ill until spring.

Can You Get Sick From Winter?

Staying home is not the greatest strategy to avoid becoming sick throughout the winter. Even if you are sitting near to a fireplace, you might still acquire a cold. Fine particulate matter released by a wood burning fireplace is harmful to the lungs. Asthma attacks, bronchitis, and maybe even heart and lung problems in the elderly can all be exacerbated by exposure to smoke. In case you’re wondering how this occurs, previous research has revealed that about 70% of the smoke that leaves your home through the chimney eventually returns.

A lack of heat in the home poses similar dangers to one’s health. Recent scientific research shows that a dip of only 9 degrees Fahrenheit in the nose can destroy half of the beneficial bacteria needed to combat infections.

Sinus discomfort from dry air can also lead to a sore throat, pressure in the sinuses, headaches, and even nosebleeds. Inflammation of the nasal passages, throat, and mouth can occur when there is not enough moisture in the sinus cavities.

Animals will seek shelter from the cold outside by coming inside, much like us. Unfortunate as it may be, rats may spread disease, and this is especially frequent in older homes with lots of gaps where they might hide.

It’s no secret that spending the winter indoors may have a negative impact on your psyche. Shorter days cause seasonal affective disorder (SAD) symptoms such as melancholy, exhaustion, and changes in appetite.

How to Do It Healthfully

It’s especially important to take care of your health throughout the winter. If you follow these steps, you will reduce your risk of getting sick while staying indoors:
Always wear layers.
Take a stroll.
Make sure there are no drafts in the room.
Make cleanliness a priority.
Maintain a healthy diet.

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