Why celebrity skin care is mostly a marketing trick

Let’s find out why Rihanna and J-Lo’s skincare routine isn’t going to work for you!

Love celebrity skin care regimens? Binge watch celebrities going over their skincare routines, but when you do it, you don’t get the same results? Well, there can be multiple aspects why it doesn’t work the same way for you. But the main reason is because it is a marketing trick. Why? Read on and find out!

Photoshop filters- We see you

Okay, so we have probably all used Photoshop filters and they are great for clear skin images. But when you are selling a product and showing the user that they can receive the same spotless skin, the expectation rises and the user finally purchases the product based on that. So, it is fair to say that having a filter on while recording such videos is trickery and raises false expectations.

You cannot invest that much

Unless you have millionaire parents or you are a millionaire, you cannot afford to spend the amount of money and time celebrities spend in clinics, gym, sleep and food. The most basic things that a human being requires to look beautiful are optimum nourishment, optimum sleep and optimum health.

It is not a sister-to-sister talk

These celebrity regimens make you believe that celebrities are having a heart to heart conversation with you. Which can be true to a certain sense, but your best friend would only suggest you a product only when he or she knows that product has worked for them or someone else. These heartfelt videos want to convey the message that you can trust your favourite celebrity on a certain product. So, although that product works for that particular celebrity it might not work for you.

Earning your trust

Mostly this marketing trick relies on your trust on the videos. Most people know that advertisements and magazines have photoshopped pictures and vfx which makes people look extraordinarily good with flawless skin and hair, this marketing trick tries to take advantage of that. It wants to make you believe that the product works, and you are watching almost as if a live video of top people using the product and getting good skin by the time the video finishes. This way you are more prone to purchase the product.

They get extra work done

Most celebrities use one or other collagen product that makes their skin look like that, and most of these products are chemical treatments that need regular visits to certain clinics.

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