Published By: Puja Sinha

Why Commercial Spaces are Choosing Biophilic Design?

A concept pivoted around increased physical and mental well-being, biophilic design is the assimilation of natural materials for a pleasing and mentally stimulating environment 

Urban spaces, including shopping malls and offices, are eager to embrace the principles of biophilic design and not just for the sake of aesthetics. The design elements have yielded a host of positive results and perpetually continue to manifest growth and contentedness. The crucial design elements – accommodation of environmental features, space, extensive greenery, natural light and ventilation, are increasingly being assimilated within the everyday concept of design and decoration.

Here are some of the reasons why enterprises are not flinching away from experimenting with biophilic design:

Relieves Stress and Enhances Mental Well-Being

This ample access to natural resources does alleviate stress, depression and anxiety— which are bad for cardiovascular health. Since in commercial spaces people are more prone to developing high-level anxiety, this parasympathetic system nourishes the body and aids in cognitive functioning. 

When people are engaged in an environment embedded with these design elements, they do not switch to the obvious flight-or-fight mode. Instead, their energy and positivity are preserved. They are better equipped to practice empathy, mindfulness and concentration. 

Fosters Happiness and Health

Biophilic design has evolved to become one of the strategic ways to enhance employee well-being and retain talent. This imitation of nature or outdoors within a confined environment makes employees feel joyous, motivated and fitter. Besides increasing productivity, this design maintains positive environment, interpersonal relationship and a smooth workflow. At the end of the day, it instils satisfaction and fullness within those who are sharing the space. 

Improves Air Quality

Even for practical purposes and to reduce reliance on technology, biophilic design is resourceful. Breathing in pollutant-replete or dry air could trigger respiratory issues. But with the incorporation of plants, toxin is reduced and the surrounding becomes much cooler, naturally. This renewed freshness and serenity in commercial spaces is a boon. It relaxes and rejuvenates like nothing else!

Increases Creativity and Cognitive Functioning 

A well-furnished space has proven to be more productive in enhancing creativity and zeal to work than workstations crowded with fake plants and gadgets. This design contributes to high employee engagement, efficiency and productive brainstorming sessions. 

Besides making the space appealing and aesthetic, biophilic design is all about catering to individual goodness. It evokes a sense of beauty and appreciation for natural work. Today, this design principle has become synonymous with other wellness programs such as yoga, meditation and outdoor excursions.