Why did laser application become so popular in the medical field?

The application of laser therapy has gained momentum in the medical field over the last few decades.

Before going into the multifarious application of laser, let’s get some basic knowledge about laser. The term “LASER” is the shorter version of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Simply, these are electromagnetic radiations with photons of the same frequency and waveform symmetry. The application of laser technology is vast in daily lives. However, the application of light in treating any disease is well known since ancient times. In earlier times, sunlight has been used as a potential wound-healing method. Due to advancements in laser techniques, the sunlight has been replaced by the laser method. The wavelength of laser light is narrow with a coherent source. Along with this, a high power density is created after focussing the beams on a minutely small point. Let’s dive into the world of laser treatment with a wide range of application details.

Treatment of any skin disorder:

Modern-day dermatology is incomplete without a laser. Laser is safely used in the removal of the tattoo, tumors, birthmarks, acne spots, wrinkles, and so on. Specific laser treatment helps in restoring skin smoothness by stimulating collagen production. Apart from that, removal of unwanted hair, facial blisters, dark circles around eyes can also be achieved by laser treatment. Those who suffer from hair loss can get permanent relief by laser therapy.

Treatment of eye-related problems:

The eye is one of the important sensory organs of humans. But, eye problem is also increasing day by day globally due to pollution and health issues. Ophthalmologists are using the laser in treating glaucoma, retinal disorders, blockage removal of tear ducts, elimination of eye tumors, and so on. Moreover, any vision-related issues like extremely high power, nearsightedness, and farsightedness can also be cured by the laser method.

Treatment of cancer:

Laser helped in cancer diagnosis in various ways. The chances of detection of cancer have increased manifolds due to the advancement of laser treatment. The laser can even detect those small tumors that the microscope cannot detect. Removal of many benign and malignant tumors is possible only because of laser therapy.

Treatment of gum and teeth:

No person in the world hasn’t suffered teeth and gum-related problems in their lifetime. It is shocking but true. Oral health is equally important for any person. Oral or gum cancer can be succesfully treated with laser therapy. Tartar removal and teeth whitening are also achievable just because of laser treatment.

Furthermore, facial surgery, nose surgery, removal of kidney stones, and other digestive system-related diseases can be cured without major side effects by this new method. Due to less painful and non-invasive methods, laser treatment will continue to grow more in medical fields.

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