Why Discipline Leads to Freedom

Discipline becomes very important when you strive for mastery, and mastery. All the genius people are mostly much disciplined; it’s what makes them the masters of their art.

Be it for an entrepreneur or an evangelic preacher, or even a podcaster, any profession you like to compare, you’d see, most of the people achieving success at those focus on a disciplined lifestyle. They’ve all mastered discipline which helps them focus more intensely on their life’s mission and be as much dedicated as they can be, rather than being distracted in random detours. Discipline comes handy when our minds are plagued with excuses.

Only discipline can help us push through all that noise swiftly and efficiently and focus on what is our priority. Being disciplined is all about performing what we ourselves decide to be our priorities. We don’t always have to like to do what is needed to be done. But if we decide to make it our priority only discipline can help us get us through the completion. This is a lesson for life and it will definitely help us navigate procrastination and associated sluggishness along the way.

Discipline is the only thing that liberates us from the repeating patterns that we have conditioned ourselves into and that we cannot even imagine to surpass. It’s not only limiting, our life’s purpose is to always cross these limits and test our boundaries, and otherwise how else can we exceed our own excellence?

Being discipline makes it easy. Any task becomes easier with disciplined steps when we have tried and tested steps to follow. It’s a routine; it is working every day towards measurable improvements. If someone is a writer, they need to practice and that too following a particular discipline to excel at writing, similarly, if someone makes dresses, they need to be disciplined to follow essential steps in order to make a perfect dress.

It is really important for us to be relentless while following any discipline. This approach helps us immensely to get all the so called ‘boring’ jobs done well within deadline. It’s reliable, always, to follow a particular discipline, to have a sorted fallback option.

But above itall, what discipline really is about is, facing your fears. It is about how to conquer your own fears. Being disciplined is taking the highway, it’s not, and it is never ‘my way’. It’s important to ask ourselves a few questions every day. Like, who are we? What have we learned? What are we creating? Who are we helping? What progress have we been able to make? What have we done to improve ourselves? Figuring out the answer to these questions will reveal our true selves, it will help us assert our own control over the shenanigans of our mind. That’s exactly how discipline leads us to freedom. Because discipline is our choice!

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