Why do doctors always warn you to control triglycerides level

Triglyceride is a compound which you always need to keep under control for a healthy lifestyle.

When you visit a cardiologist, the common terms you hear are “cholesterol” and “triglyceride”. They always suggest you keep them under the limit. You might be wondering, why is that so? What is so important for your health? Let’s clear your doubts.

What is triglyceride?

Most of the types of fat in your body are the triglyceride. The excess calorie of your food is converted into triglyceride fat and get stored into fat cells of your body. Biochemically, they are esters that are derived from fatty acids and glycerol. When you eat foods with high carbohydrate compounds, the triglyceride content also increases.

Preferred level of triglyceride content:

Excess fat is not good for your health. So, there are defined range of triglyceride level for your body. For healthy adults, the triglyceride should be under 150 mg/dl. However, the high triglyceride range is generally between 200-500 mg/dl. If you are having triglycerides in this range, you have to control your oily food intake. Anybody having triglyceride with more than 500 mg/dl, requires immediate medical attention as they are prone to suffer from a heart attack or cardiac arrest. The range 150-200 mg/dl is called borderline range as this is not serious, but you need to be concerned about your fat content.

Why triglyceride is a matter of concern?

The lipid profile test is the measurement of triglycerides in your body. There are two types of cholesterol in your blood, one is Low-Density lipoprotein (LDL) or bad cholesterol, the other one is High-density lipoprotein (HDL) or good cholesterol. As the bad cholesterol content increases, the blood vessels and arteries get clogged with fat, which prevents the flow of blood to some extent. As a result, the blood pressure shows abnormal value with consequences like a heart attack. High triglyceride content is also associated with diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid hormonal imbalance, and so on. You need to have proper attention if triglyceride content is increasing.

How to reduce triglyceride content?

There are many ways to control triglyceride content. The effective ways include regular exercise, a proper heart-healthy diet, reducing stress, daily 6 –hours of sleep, avoiding smoking and alcohol consumption, and so on. If you are taking energy drinks, always check the calorie level and added sweetener content. You should avoid oily and excess roasted food. They increase the fat content of your blood rapidly. Try to avoid sweets as much as possible if you are having high triglycerides content.

An annual checkup of blood parameters is important for controlling the fat content of your body. You must be extra cautious if your family is suffering from hypertriglyceridemia. Always consult a doctor for a proper diet plan and exercise. Do not worry if you have excess fat, you can definitely reduce it with some hard work.

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