Why do men propose marriage on one knee?

The reason behind the “bending the knee”.

Every young girl dreams of the moment when the love of their life would bend a knee with a ring. Ah! The magic of love! This custom of asking a girl for marriage has remained unchanged for a long time. But have you ever thought about when and how this custom of bending the knee came into existence? Can only man propose like this? What are things that we should keep in mind while proposing? For all this and more, read on.

The history and reason behind the proposal on bended knee

There is no specific time or event that started the tradition of a proposal on “bended knees”. But it is believed that it is a symbolic gesture that is inspired by many ancient ceremonies. In the religious context, kneeling is associated with complete surrender, and in many cultures, bowing down and kneeling during wedding ceremonies is considered the highest form of respect. In a social context, kneeling was common in the middle ages in front of royalty, especially when knights were commemorated with honours. And also, in the middle ages and ancient time, kneeling was also considered a sign of surrender. When a defeated army kneeled in front of victors, it was a sign of surrender (All the Game of Thrones, fans would definitely be familiar with the “bending the knee”).   So, on the basis of these ancient practices, we can say that bended knee symbolizes respect, surrender and act of honour, where a man commits undying affection and commitment.

Can a woman propose on bended knee?

You see, we are all for equality, so if men can do it, then why can’t women do the same? If you ask us, we believe that there should be no gender biases on proclaiming your love and asking for marriage. Even if we go by traditional practices, a woman can propose to a man of their life on valentine day of a leap year. So, ladies, you too can take the reins in your hand and lead on!

Few things to keep in mind while proposing marriage

  1. The placement of the ring is very important. It should be the level of your chest or between the eye-level of both parties.
  2. Don’t be too slow. Ideally, try to take the girl by surprise and let her know your intentions.
  3. As soon as your girl says yes, place the ring and then get up.

No matter what the reasons are, asking your loved one’s hand for marriage is special. So, enjoy your moment!

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