Published By: Elisa Ghosh

Why do people stress eat? Get some tips to fight stress eating

While turning to food for solace during stressful times is a common behaviour, habitually overeating can have a detrimental impact on your health and raise your stress and anxiety levels.

Sometimes when you are emotionally lost is when the strongest food cravings strike. In times of difficulty, stress or even boredom, you may unconsciously or intentionally turn to food for solace. Emotional eating might undermine your efforts to lose weight and it frequently results in overeating, especially when it comes to meals that are heavy in calories, sweet and fat. Here are 13 methods to avoid stress eating during emotional outbursts.

Be honest with yourself

Understanding the root causes of overeating is one of the most effective methods to stop it. Consider how you are fling such as stressed, bored, lonely, or anxious before you eat. Understanding what causes you to overeat and taking a moment to assess the situation can help you stop overeating in the future. However, stopping overeating is rarely simple, so you might need to get professional assistance, particularly if it is a habit or you frequently overeat to the point of discomfort and then feel bad about it.

Defeat the temptation

Even if keeping a bowl of brightly coloured sweets or a jar of cookies on the counter may make your kitchen look more appealing, this habit may encourage overeating. For this reason, it is better to store enticing foods out of sight, like in a pantry or cupboard, such as sweet baked goods, candy, chips and cookies.

Follow a balanced eating routine

Simply because you are confined to your home should not induce you to alter your regular eating pattern. If you typically eat three meals a day, try to stick to that routine even if you work from home. If your eating habits are off and you find yourself nibbling all the time, try creating a schedule that calls for at least two substantial meals each day and sticking to it until you feel comfortable with your consistency.

Stay hydrated

Your overall health depends on maintaining sufficient hydration, which may also help you avoid stress-related overeating. To prevent dehydration, flavour your water by adding a few slices of fresh fruit. This may encourage you to drink more water throughout the day.

These are some reasons why stress makes individuals overeat and what you can do to stop yourself.