Why Do Some People Hate Small Talk?

Not everyone is as spontaneous as the blessed extroverts and when it comes to small talk most people are put off by it.

Say you meet a stranger you know nothing about. What do you do? While it’s relatively easier for extroverts to gel in with people in the blink of an eye, introverts find it difficult and mostly odd. Small talk is sometimes the knight in the shining armor when you desperately need it. However, some people find it superficial and unnecessary. Here’s why talking about the weather is off putting to some people.

Makes People Feel Trapped

Most of the times small talk makes people feel that they are trapped in this god awful situation for an indefinite period of time. If you really think about it, small talks usually initiate in places you can’t escape like a metro compartment or the elevator. You have no escape in these situations. Time seems to stand still and feels like a never ending torture.

Waters Down Personality

You might have an elephant personality. You can be cool and awesome and unique but sometimes, and it happens to the best of us, blending in with others around you could be overwhelming. Small talk during these times not only becomes annoying but also fails to paint the true picture of you. People hate it when that happens. Small talk doesn’t let the others see the true side of you and that is a punch in the gut.

Small Talk Creates Pressure

Small tall comes with this silent clause that puts the pressure on you to make a stranger feel comfortable. So, while you are engaged in a conversation with a stranger which is mostly small talk, you get this constant feeling that you are not doing enough. People feel that they might not be projecting their best self on to the person which makes them uncomfortable and that in turn makes the other person uncomfortable. This added pressure of making it not seem like small talk when it actually is annoys people.

Small Talk Feels Awkward and Unnatural

It’s true! As free as you are around people you are comfortable with, small talk ends up making you feel awkward and small and not your best self. It’s because small talk does not come naturally to anyone and it is a superficial way of communicating.

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