Why do we daydream, and the reasons why we should daydream?

The occasional zoning out can be beneficial for you.

The sounds of cheers, thundering applause, and you are amongst who’s who of the literary world, about to receive the booker prize. As soon as mike is placed in front of you, you suddenly realize you are sitting in your class, studying, and your teacher is asking you a question. Has that happened to you? Well, most of us are guilty of daydreaming amidst a busy day. So, now the question arises why do we daydream and is it as bad as most people say.

Why do we daydream?

In psychological terms, daydreaming is a state when your mind loses attention and its control over it, and its attention is diverted from the world around us to internal mentation. When you let your mind wander to your experiences, personal thoughts, memories, and future plans, during this time, your mind loses its attention to the external world.

What are the benefits of daydreaming

Yes, you heard it right. Daydreaming is extremely beneficial. Before you start shaking your head in disbelief, allow us to put forward the benefits of daydreaming.

Daydreaming helps different parts of your mind

The human brain has two main parts, the analytical and other, empathic and emotional part. They are popularly known as the right and left side of your brain. We often work with one part and switch off the other part, which sometimes puts immense pressure on the other part. With daydreaming, your brain automatically switches on and off sides as per requirement, ensuring the smooth working of the brain.

Increases creativity

Daydreamers are the most creative writers, inventors. It is because while we are daydreaming, there is no censor of our thoughts. There is no logical thinking whispering in our mind that this may be ridiculous or impractical.

Daydreaming increases our productivity

Escaping reality on a hard day and giving our mind a bit of mini-vacation can refresh our mind. Moreover, daydreaming elevates our mood, which can motivate us to give in our hundred per cent in whatever we are currently doing.

Daydreaming can help you reach your goals

As it is always implied, what you believe and dream about is likely to come true. That is because we tend to put in our all in achieving or materializing dreams we see every day. So. Dream on and reach for the stars.

But many can daydream about the worst-case scenarios and things that can go wrong. Tap on to some positivity and let your brain relax a bit.

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