Published By: Sougata Dutta

Why Do We Need A Hero In A Film?

We can see hero oriented films in almost every film industry, read on to know why!

What should you do if you get into any trouble? Should you go and do something or should you wait for some saviour who will come and save you? This saviour is the hero of a film.

We can see hero oriented films in almost every industry. Especially from the 80's to the 20th century, 90% of films were on heroism. And it was done very consciously and planfully.  So it is necessary to understand the role of a hero and whether we really need a hero or not.

The concept of hero

In the present concept, Hero is someone who is different from all other characters in the film, he is the ultimate winner of the film.

The concept of hero was launched with a very deep philosophical intention. In India, the trend of heroism came during the very beginning phase of cinema in a light mode. But the hero was not a superman there, the hero used to be the central character there.

The necessity of a hero in a film

Those who promote hero centric films say that a hero is needed to tell a story, to make the film around or to idealise a character. And those who nullify heroism, especially the neorealist and realist ones, they identify some really significant effects of heroism in films. According to them, the heroist film makers need a hero to show that others are so weak to fight for their own, to promote a chauvinist approach, to make someone an idol. And most of those films are just love-films.

Heroes of different time and different industries

During the beginning, the heroes used to come from lower or lower middle class economic backgrounds, and their characters were also like that. But, after the 80's, the heroes were not just heroes, they were superheroes. After 20'th century, there came some effective change where heroism got low down and even the heroes began to be depicted as common man.

Do we really need a hero in a film?

If we need to tell something through a film, something that is real or practically true, we don't need a hero. Because, in reality there is no Hero or One-man-army in our society. But if we need to say that we need a superman to solve our problems, then we need a hero.