Why ‘dream projects’ always fail in Bollywood

From Jagga Jasoos to Ra.One, it is seen that movies that are termed as dream projects tend to fail at the box office. Let us understand why.

Here are the reasons why these movies fail and what they can learn.


Filmmakers wants to create hype and buzz for their movies but sometimes this hype kills the movie. What happens is that when a project is called a ‘dream project’, it raises the bar and it became overhyped. The expectations of the audience exceeds from the movie and then whatever you serve them, they will always want something more. It does not happen in the case of Marvel movies because a large section of group watches the film and they have their own theory but when it comes to other movies, the hype lets down the audience and they reject the movies.


One of the most important things that all filmmakers should understand is the fact that writing is an important part of the movie and it is responsible for keeping the audience engaged. When you label a project as your dream project, don’t just throw money like water on production and scale. It is important that the storyline of such a project should be relatable for the audience as movies which are made on a hug scale are always a risk. These days, audience has become smart and they rely on words of mouth and reviews before watching a movie in theatres.

The curious case of Ra.one and Bombay Velvet

It is important to talk about these two movies. Ra.one was Shahrukh Khan’s dream project and the actor left no stone unturned in achieving what he wanted.  From spending lots of money in the visual effects to hosting game shows for money, the superstar has done it all for the movie. To build the interest of the audience, he even managed to get Akon for the songs and they were received well by the Indian public. Still, the film was a failure at the box office and the audience rejected it. Same goes for Bombay Velvet. Anurag Kashyap is a director who was believed to do nothing wrong until he made that movie. The set of the movie was nice and the production quality was great. The film has a big star cast led by Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma and yet somehow it became a distaster. The problem with both the films lied with the underwhelming writing. While the plot of the movie Ra.one was not engaging and it was full of cliché, the climax of Bombay Velvet was not liked by the audience.

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