Why everyone sounds like someone but not KK

Krishnakumar kunnath popularly known as KK was an Indian playback singer. He was one of the most versatile and best singers in India. He has given many superhit songs to Bollywood and sung songs in many other languages other than Hindi like Odia, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, etc. He died at the age of 53 when he was performing in a college fest where he felt uneasy and reported dead due to a heart attack.

KK had his unique voice and style of singing like nobody else. Every singer sounded like somebody but not KK. Sonu Nigam has a bit of Rafi in him, and Udit Narayan has Kishore Kumar but it is difficult to trace any other similar voice in KK. There could be some reasons behind KK’s singing being very unique.

Started his career in the 90s

KK started his career at the end of the 90s when the music culture was changing. He released his debut album ‘Pal’ in 1999 and it became a bit hit and is used in school farewell till now. He was famous for his high pitch notes and the young generation of the 90s were loving it to find something new and fresh. His songs were very different from the songs which were sung by other artists of that era.

KK never had any formal training

KK shared in an interview that he was not a trained classical musician. He visited a music school for a few days but did not continue. He was able to learn a song by listening only. It might be possible that KK had a different style of singing because he did not learn classical music like every other singer in India. He had this god-gifted voice and he just sang right which felt direct to the listeners without much.

KK sang for an English Band

KK was born and brought up in Delhi and used to listen to her mother’s Malayali songs and started singing in Malayali. Then he sang for an English band and jingles for Leslie Lewis, who also collaborated with him in ‘Pal’. He used to sing English songs and brought that pop culture to India as Indipop which was completely new to the young generation of India and they loved this new singing style of KK.

His god-gifted texture and different experiences of life made his voice unique from everybody else. The news of his death left us in a state of shock and grief as we have unexpressed gratitude for what KK meant to us “90s kids”.

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