Published By: Sougata Dutta

Why Greek Mythology Does Attract Generations Of Different Countries?

Attractive stories from ancient Greece

The mythological characters of Greece are very known and common to us. Even we see that The characters are also recognised by the teens and the young people all over the world. The mythology and the characters are dated 2000 years old but these characters are very much relevant and recognised till now. The characters like Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite are very common names to the people of Europe and Asia as well as some of the countries in Africa. We are wondering how the characters and the folklores regarding these characters attract the generations and also make themselves relevant in the present. We have pointed out some of the reasons behind this phenomenon.


Cinema is a tool that binds different generations. Cinema provides you with an audiovisual journey that can help you to educate yourself as well as entertain yourself. Sometimes the characters stay with the audience. As we all know American films have a huge reach all over the world. Films like “Clash of the titans”, “Percy Jackson”, and “Hercules” deal with the characters like Zeus, Athena, Hades and many more. The audience all over the world gets to know about the folklore and the myths regarding these characters as well. Even many animated series and films regarding Hercules have also made a very massive imprint on the minds of children from different generations that also carry the legacy.

Books and novels      

Books like “Prometheus”, “Zeus: The king of gods” and many more are also a reason behind the attraction towards the characters. From a very early age, kids get to know about the Greek mythological characters from different comics and the children's books. In many books, the characters or the gods are portrayed as superheroes with superpowers that also attract kids of different ages.


Several famous brands that conquered all over the world and different industries are also named after the mythological characters of Greece. Brands like Amazon, Dove, Apollo, and Nike are all named after the Gods of Greece. These brands are very much known to the people of most countries. This brand name also helps to make the characters relevant and also attract people to learn more about the Greek myths.

The stories and the folklore of the Greeks are so engaging and eventful. These qualities mainly attract people across the world. Stories of love, passion, valour and bravery are all in the legends and the stories of Greece. Even the sports event Olympics is also named after “Olympia” which is a city where most of the events happen in the Greek mythologies. The western influence on the different continents is also a key reason for it as well.