Published By: Ahvana Paul

Why Greys Anatomy is a must watch

Grey's Anatomy is the longest medical drama to be aired on television. It has just filmed its 19th season. Though there have been many ups and downs, and radical changes in the characters, it has remained popular. Written by Shonda Rhimes, it started as a masterpiece. Here are some

reasons, why ones must watch at least some part of the show, if impatient to sit through it all!

Lovely characters- The characters in this show, no matter at what point they have entered ( or left) have all seen a massive development over time, and have all gone through different trauma and changes. Therefore, they are also extremely real for committed watchers of the show. One sees various developments and changes in these characters and is privy to their romantic relationships, personal and professional problems, and the ways they change. Everybody from the original cast, Meredith, Izzie, Alex, George, Christina, Dr. Bailey, Callie, Richard, and Derek to later equally dynamic characters, Lexie, Mark, Addison, Owen, Arizona, Jackson,, and more is extremely lovable, and one tends to fall in love and get attached with these characters. As many of them later leave, it becomes very difficult and heartbreaking!

Medical Cases are Gripping- According to interviews, the majority of the medical cases depicted are based on real-life incidents. There are an immense number of cases, which are so interesting and complex,, and even scary. Many times, the patient’s personal lives are explored, which is extremely heartbreaking and scarring. It is a complex interplay of medical drama and personal drama. These two elements uphold the entire show!

Idea that everything gets better- Though riddled with intense drama, some very tragic drama, the central message of Grey's Anatomy is that tragedy, and heartbreak can be overcome. The ultimate idea is that people will come and go, but the show literally and metaphorically goes on. It shows that love can be found amongst friends, that family is not necessarily the major comfort in their lives and that people from broken homes and tragic pasts can indeed find stability again is shown. Moreover, every character is lovely, and they are almost one family, working together at the hospital and the best of friends. This sense of togetherness, that is put forth is extremely endearing.

4. Comfort watch     - Since it is never-ending, it is something that you can always go back to. Though the first 8 seasons are indeed the best, it is also something that has maintained a decent standard in later seasons. Whenever one needs to watch something familiar, one can go back to it and always watch it!